Starfresco is a crazy idea. Here we live on pure passion and give ourselves a smile, always.
And the passion for ice cream is truly contagious, right from the first taste.
Only seven winters ago if people had told me that after forty years of work in the textile and energy production sectors I would find myself becoming a fanatical ice cream maker in front of the sea, I would have probably voluntarily committed myself for reasons of insanity. Instead, life always reserves wonderful surprises for you. On one condition, however: that you are dedicated enough to surge past all obstacles and not to give up for anything.

It happens that after forty years of work, a little voice whispers to you that it is now time to start doing what you like. And you realize that the thing you love most of all, almost more than Inter, is ice cream.
You reflect and admit that you have often traveled many kilometers to enjoy your favorite ice cream shops.
And then a dear friend – Marzia, to whom I will always be grateful – invites you to believe in your dream, and indeed to realize it together, and you think, why not?

So you stop being so serious and choose to be spontaneous and passionate, and maybe a little crazy. You study, you inform yourself, you talk to your ice cream friends, you try, taste, make mistakes, try again, and start from scratch. And you start thinking that, after all, you didn’t decide to climb Everest, rob a bank or steal the Mona Lisa. Basically you just want to try making your own ice cream, as you like it. And in the end, in your mind you hear the voice of the person most dear to you, which comes back in that lovely Neapolitan accent, which he never lost, even after living for fifty years in Milan. A phrase often repeated to you and to your siblings:

“ Guys, in life never forget to do what you love, and if you do it in front of the sea, it gets even better …”

And here I am, for seven years now in front of that same sea of which Dad spoke, to share with many new friends the extraordinary passion for ice cream. Cecio has gone mad. Sure, my friends, but if you ever have to choose whether to resign yourself to the daily routine or become “crazy”, trust me, never have doubts, we only have one life, and being carried away by passion is pure enchantment