The unprecedented amount of plastic that is produced, consumed, and largely abandoned in the environment every day is turning our seas and our planet into a massive landfill. We must all be aware that the only sure way to avoid ecological disaster is to start changing our daily habits. Waste collection and recycling are only secondary solutions: reduction in our personal use is the best solution.

The first and most immediate actions are extremely simple and within the reach of all of us:

STOP buying packaged food in non-compostable plastic,
STOP using disposable containers in traditional plastic.

Only by stopping demand can we force the industrial system to abandon the production of traditional plastic, which is no longer bearable by our environment. Supply is present where demand exists, it is the oldest law of the market economy. If we reduce the demand for plastic because it is now objectively a problem, the manufacturing companies, in order to safeguard their turnover, will be the first to strive to produce innovative, sustainable materials that are not a problem.

Since 2019, Starfresco has decided not to accept any compromises: although it is much more expensive and complicated to find viable alternatives to the convenient and inexpensive plastic on the market today, we have managed to eliminate it entirely, in favor of eco-sustainable materials.
Water packaged in brick or glass, wood, paper, recycled cardboard and, waiting for even more suitable solutions, compostable polymers based on corn. This is our minimum starting point for a new way of behaving:
zero plastic, harmony with the environment and a coordinated fight against all types of waste.


in recycled paper


in pressed recycled cardboard or chocolate/oatmeal flavored edibles

Glasses for juices and smoothies

made from recycled cardboard


made from recycled cardboard

Takeaway trays

in PLA foam, compostable polymer based on corn


Starfresco has enthusiastically embraced the “en caja mejor” kids’ project, the best solution currently available on the market to drastically reduce PET pollution caused by the uncontrolled sale of disposable plastic water bottles. The “en caja mejor” water is packaged with recycled materials and reduces the amount of plastic material (PET) normally used by 94%.

10% of the revenues of “en caja mejor” go directly to the planting of trees for paper production (Forest Stewardship Council). The production of “en caja mejor” requires zero CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, thanks to the use of 100% of energy from renewable sources and the compensation of residual factors with sustainable environmental investments of the same size.